What's Happening in February?

For a short month, February has lots going on. As promised, the first blog post this month will give you some quick snapshots of national days, holidays, and interesting birthdays to work into the terrific teaching you are already doing.

January is Jammin'!

Welcome to a new year. We’ve always thought of January as a good time to go back to goals we may have made for ourselves at the beginning of the school year and to start or try a new routine or ritual in our classrooms.

That's Absurd!

You probably haven’t marked your calendar for this, but November 20th is Absurdity Day. When we saw that we immediately thought of oral vocabulary and opportunities to build it with students of every age.

Full STEAM Ahead!

November 8th is STEM/STEAM Day! Here at SDE we are going full steam ahead with our journey into the blogosphere so we thought we’d bring you along and get you thinking about bringing STEM or STEAM into your classroom.


According to a National Center for Education Statistics survey released in May 2018, 94 percent of public school teachers in the United States reported paying for supplies without reimbursement. They spend an average of $479 per school year.

“What?!,” said one incredulous teacher I spoke to at a recent conference, but she was more shocked at how low the amount was. “I spend much more than that.” In response to these staggering statistics, the Funding Matters blog is dedicated to helping educators locate funding opportunities and strategies that can truly make a difference in their classrooms and schools. I’ll help you sort through weeds of time-consuming (and, honestly, mostly useless) funding emails, newsletters, directories, and workshops to find the funding flowers that can enhance your teaching and learning.

So let’s get started! Here are two resources that support professional development and after school.